Mapping NJ Farmland

Expertise provided to Rowan Geospatial Research Laboratory's project to assist the NJ-SADC (State Agriculture Development Committee) in updating farmland usage map data throughout the state of New Jersey as assist in the project's long term goal of accurately mapping all 2000+ of New Jersey's farms.
Contributions to this project included: interpretation of true color and infrared aerial imagery of NJ, production and/or updating of topology features, attribution information (acreage, land cover type, yield, etc.), and printed & digital map production.

Before and after. Using ArcMap to add and edit topology bringing 2007 maps up to date.

Extensive and detailed updates were necessary for most farms.

The feature classes used to map the farmland.

Features such as streams and dirt roads are more easily defined under infrared imagery.

Extracting a previously unmapped farm, before (top) and after (bottom).

Raymond InzitariArcMap, Vector, Topology