Harnessing Openstreetmap, Automation, and Industrial Laser Cutters to Engrave City Maps onto Wood

An ongoing project of mine to carve maps of cities into wood. I use Openstreetmap data, ArcMap, Adobe Illustrator, and an industrial laser cutter to etch out various US cities onto birch plywood. I finish them with a bit of colored ink to depict water and greenspace areas (parks, forests, etc.) and a lacquer sealcoat.

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Tarawa and Rising Sea Levels: Analyzing Land Change via Remote Sensing

Using 30m resolution imagery acquired from Landsat 7 & 8 with the Idrisi Selva software platform to enable detailed analysis of land and coastline changes during a 15 year period for an island atoll in the central Pacific noted as being especially vulnerable to rising sea levels as a result of global climate change.

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All About Beer in New Jersey

One of my first maps, an infographic style map all about New Jersey's growing microbrewery and craft beer scene. 1st place for “GIS Newcomer of the Year” for map created and submitted to the NJ DEP map making contest.

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Raymond Inzitari